Integrating with Google Apps directions function


Is there a specific Velo library or set of tools for adding points and lines to a layer on top of an image map? Or using direction markers in Google Maps? I need a page that allows users to select existing points on an image (or Google Map) and then automatically create. line between those points.

Some context:
In the local area where I live, we have a body of water in which people race sailboats. Our club uses Wix for the website. Members need to create online maps of individual races each week. That map will have pins for each buoy in a local body of water. The buoys are used a race markers and each race consists of multiple legs, each a line between two buoy/points. I would like a side menu where a user could create a race by selecting more than 2 buoys and the map would show the course. (including a P for port-rounding and an S for starboard-rounding). Hopefully we could save the race in a database but that could be a phase 2. Right now I just need to be able to select multiple buoys and generate paths between them.

I’m not married to google maps as being a part of the solution. The page only requires a single map image.