Integration of Stripe future payments with Wix

I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to have the following behavior in Wix for payments.

  1. Customer enters the credit card details upfront on sign up.
  2. Credit cards are charged only at a later date. (this won’t be recurring as it’s not the same amount. Amount will be mentioned by customer).

Is this possible on Wix? Going through the previous posts, I understand that I may need to use APIs to achieve this. I’ve figured the following steps;

A. I think I’ll have to setup Future payments on Stripe when customer sign’s up. (as explained here

B. Post this I’ll have to take single payments through API again (similar to )

Would really appreciate if someone can tell me whether I’m on the right path. Better still if there already is a plugin or some magical way to do this without coding!


Maybe you will need to create a “customers” object, following if anyone already coded and able to share :slight_smile:

You cannot do it without coding.

Of course, you can save their card number into database, but that’s not better than save in stripe.