Invoice Update Request

I am using the Wix Booking app to help Wix users design/build their websites. I offer packages for users to book multiple meetings at a discounted price.

A lot of my users that are booking meetings request invoices so they can get their company to reimburse them for the consultations. If a user books a single consultation, I would have to manually create/send the invoice to the client from the backend of the website. Also, if a user purchases a package with several sessions, there is no option to create/send invoices.

  1. It would be great to be able to create an automation that would create/email the invoice to users when they book a meeting through Wix Bookings.

  2. If they purchase a subscription/package, we would be able to create invoices. And allow us to use automations to send the invoice to the client even for these subscriptions (or packages).

Would love to see this! Thank you for viewing.
#WixBookingsRequest #Invoices


Hey! Thanks so much for you feedback, we really appreciate your time on writing in here. For our team to be able to work on this feature request, you should create a “feature request” via your partner dashboard.