Is anyone else having false violation issues with Google Merchants Center after set up with Wix?

Has any other P.O.D. store been hit with policy violations for products they wish to sell? or getting a violations for missing policies while setting up their SEOs or how there policies are written in their stores? I had no idea I could be banned for life for the type of store I have. Also no AdSense because they feel competition isn’t fair (in their own words) but Wix encourages you to sign up.

I had a regular Wix website, My header caught a glitch they could not fix so I upgraded to a Wix Studio Website and having major glitches now so it is taking me longer to build my site and Google has issued me violations and is saying I do not qualify for ads on my site because of products they may show on my site.

I would like to know if Google is a bigger issue than just me getting violations?

Wix encourages us to sign up with certain analytics and google to assist in our sales but don’t say, here is a list it isn’t available for, BEFORE we get banned for life for any business we want to start.

They required my return address. I asked how to put more addresses in as my returns are to be returned to the distributing partners I have with my dropship P.O.D. Store.

This was my question: And my answer the third time when I finally got ahold of someone:

I would like to know how you add multiple shipping addresses.

I am a print on demand company and I am not the one shipping. I also have several dropship companies that I work with who have their own delivery systems they do not tell me about. How do I add unknown variables to my shipping addresses to get past to get my products synced or moved in to the merchant Center with out having to upload them every day from a spread sheet. I use Wix. My products won’t even upload and the html code is correct. I have been at this for 8 hours and can’t find anyone at google to chat. So If anyone has any tips…please help! Thanks in advance.


Google Shopping and Merchant Center


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Apr 8, 2024

with respect to, I would like to know how you add multiple shipping addresses:

a shipping_label may be submitted, per item-offer,
to point to two, or more, shipping settings, that
are set within the merchant-center-account:

shipping within the merchant-center, must be either
(a) exactly accurate, or (b) a reasonable overestimate,
for what people within each target-country will actually
pay to deliver and ship an item-offer.

html is generally not supported in inventory feed data – the merchant-center
primarily requires plain text, that accurately names and describes, each,
specific, individual, item-offer in inventory, that is sold and shipped –
one item-offer per row if a spreadsheet, .txt tab-delimited feed file, is used.

importantly perhaps, the merchant-center also has rather strict rules
with respect to accurate physical inventory stock availability details.

for example, products must be stocked and must be able to be verified as in stock.

most merchants using third-party on-demand, drop-shipping, or any such
third-party supply-chains, will usually be permanently suspended, from
the merchant-center and all related programs, eventually.

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Rob Skelton
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Apr 9, 2024

Just to reiterate what Celebird said - because products are not finished and in stock, print-on-demand is not allowed. Advertising such will most likely lead to a permanent suspension and you won’t be able to use Google for any other business in the future.

Is there another big platform that does accept dropship P.O.D. stores so I don’t have to use Google? They are a dominating force that doesn’t approve of capitalism. They are killing a good sustainable eco-friendly and worker rights organization, market and jobs. The want a definite number of inventory to track and very specific shipping details in order to work with them. What are other Drop shipping and P.O.D. (print on demand) stores doing?

Thank you for your feedback!