Is it possible for users to purchase 'credits' they can use on the same site?

My current project is a jobs board, and a member of the team has asked if they can sell credits to employers to place listings on the site.

So for example someone could purchase 1 credit, and that allows them to post one job listing. Or purchase 3 credits which allows them to post 3 job listings.

There would need to be the ability to purchase the credits which are then allocated to their account, and then some way of only using available credits to do the form submission to post their job listing.

Has anyone seen anything that functions like this? Is it possible on Wix? The site itself is being built in Editor X. Many thanks in advance!

I think if using the permissions of a user, you could set something up with code. I might suggest the Velo forum. I found this in the forum but not sure if it lines up with what you have in mind.