Is it possible to allow only certain members to access certain pages? i.e have category "a" membership and access only category "a" pages?

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone can help. I am building a website that will require members to only be allowed to view certain pages on a site I am building, It is for a property company managing buildings and i want the residents from each building to only see the information held in corvid database and specific site pages linked to there building. For instance building a residents can only see building a info/page building b can only see building b.

I have set up my databases on corvid and plan to customise my member sign up form if possible to capture specific info to fill the required fields. i am not sure if i can “assign” specific members to specific databases and also if it is possible to restrict access to certain pages for specific members. I know with the subscriptions this id possible but i was wondering if there is another way? I welcome any ideas/advice. At the moment i fell as though i have hit a brick wall lol.

Many thanks and appreciation in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi there! One of our Velo masters might be able to help with this. :slight_smile:

Emm… I couldn’t think a “Perfect” solution by just using Wix store*.

The best way is to put all “special” product to a database + repeater to display. Then , use Wix Pay API (example: ) . This way can put your “special” product 100% no visible to others :slight_smile:

Ways your product get leak:

  • Instagram Shopping (they show all your goods… all categories)
  • Using Code to hide the #productPage element => sometimes it get bug and load slow.
  • and some misconfiguration to show your product else where of your site…
  • and GOogle indexing (got recorded before… :frowning:

To restrict access. You can set up 2 database

one to save “type” of members: includes : userId(multi ref from privateMembersData), products(multi ref. from another database called “product”

then, the “product” database, save all products same as the Wix example above.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, would this work if i have nothing to sell? I think the “shopping” may prove too risky for information leakage. I have set up the repeaters and have set up each database for each building with the building specific information I have done this on the dynamic “item” pages to separate each building., not sure what I will do about my dynamic “all” page at the moment. If i set up the type of members database idea, I have one set up called residents if i add in the user ID from the membership data to there think that could work but need to experiment as not sure of the how to yet lol. It would be great if Wix had an option to set particular database info to only be visible to a particular “code” of member. I test this out. Thank you so much for your time and help!

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I think I am getting closer to what I am looking to achieve but still scratching my head on the complete solution. I have a couple of approaches any light bulbs welcomed! Keep bumping into walls still.

Approach 1: using the Members feature I have added a button to the member account page which I plan to add a link to a page that I have created with repeater connected to the data set of the “building” they are registered with. I have added a role for the member so only members with this permission can enter the page. I did want to use a dynamic “title page” but I couldn’t figure out how to set permission for each of the pages (ideas welcomes and much appreciated) this is why I have set up an individual page pulling the data in on repeaters from my data sets as a work around.

The problem I have with Approach 1 is being able to set an individual link on each member page i.e link for building “A” only showing for “building A” residents, I cant seem to pull this link from the member information or have not found out how to.

Approach 2: Using Dynamic pages I have as an alternative created the dynamic pages and connected to the data set added repeaters etc so now have “title” dynamic pages. is there a way to enable a function that the user can only view certain items on the “all” dynamic page? i like this option because it allows me to “show” multiple buildings to certain individuals and hide to others

At the moment i am not sure how to begin with the member filter and where/how add this in my database/member info to get the 2 elements in sync.