Is it possible to install a jsp/perl/php/ script file in a Wix website's directory?

I’ve built a website for a science association, which runs a journal through a major international publisher.

I need to give member-only access to the journal (on the publisher’s third-party website). This is normally done by installing a jsp/perl/php/ script file in the website’s directory, then setting a link to that script file.

This would clearly be straightforward with a standard website on my own server. Does anyone know if I can do this for a Wix website in the cloud? Is there such thing as a directory for my website, and can I copy a script file to it?

Instructions (from the publisher) follows. My question relates to the instruction “Copy the newly created or downloaded file to your web directory.”

Any advice will be appreciated.

1 Installing the code and deploying the link

· In this example we will use a .jsp script. The same principle applies to all of our TPS scripts.
How to set up the JSP referral script on a default system?
· Copy the customised script paste it into a new text file named with the extension “.jsp” (or use the extension for your particular environment)
Copy the newly created or downloaded file to your web directory.
Add an HTTP link to the new referring file you have just copied to your webserver on the page where the redirection is performed.
For example, if you named the script ‘abc.jsp’, the html command
Click here to redirect
will redirect the user to the Wiley’s content that you specified when the user clicks on the link.

Wix Code only supports Javascript. For more information, see the article on Javascript Support . HTML can also be used in an HtmlComponent .