Is monetizing a blog possible on wix?

Trying for 4 days to get any sort of ad on my blog / news site project.
Seems virtually impossible because I am using wix.

Despite being told by wix support to add the ‘ad sense app’, they kind of overlooked the fact you need your account verified first.

I have been told by google community experts that it is impossible for as sense to verify a wix site. It can’t read the javascript or something.

So I tried Chitika? Seemed easy, got my ad codes added them to the site.

Got banned instantly after being approved. Checked out why and it said that is a listen banned doman…

Am double checking with their support team now.

So like is there anyone who knows a wix friendly ad provider? For someone starting out who doesn’t have an audience as of yet.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is appreciated.


Wix Code allows you to create your own custom functionality.
It does not expose the actual source code of the Wix site and therefore cannot affect the issue you are experiencing with approving your Google Ad account.

For more assistance regarding this issue, please reply back to Wix support and provide them the rejection reason.

As an alternative, you can for example place your blog behind a ‘paywall’ using Wix Code.
Either by setting the privacy setting for your blog pages or by setting the actual blog element to hide or collapsed.
Payment can be collected using Pay API.

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