Is sending information from lighbox to a page safe?

I have implemented a system where the user provides his credit card information for a purchase and the system charges him for the purchase.
I am using a lightbox to collect the credit card information and I am sending it to the page with the “openLightbox” and “close” methods but I am not sure if it is secure as I am working with sensitive information. The creation of the charge is done in the backend, so what I am worried about is if somebody see/catch the data I am sending to the page via this method, or is it safe?
Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi there! Maria here from the X team.

While all Editor X pages are HTTPs secure, as a general rule, we recommend you never request and collect credit card numbers directly. Collecting and storing credit card info is regulated by pretty strict PCI rules and should only be done via a certified payments vendor like Wix Payments.

Thank you for your answer! I am not actually storing any of the details - I am getting the data from the lightbox and creating a charge request using a third-party payment provider, but I understand that if I want to even be able to request the data, I will still have to follow the PCI rules, so I will look into using Wix Payments.