Is there a way to access the Wix Database (data, members, password, etc.) from an external Application via an API?

My client needs a Mobile Application (React Native) that i will make and a website (CMS) that he will make himself. For him using a CMS like Wix is more simplier (no web development experience), but we don’t want 2 database so I am trying to find a way to access Wix database from a react native application for example. I have made a lot of research but nothing, so this forum is my last chance.

Thanks for your help !

You will need to expose an API in your site. See the article Velo: Exposing a Site API with HTTP Functions for details on how to do that. For an example:

Expose and Access Site APIs Use MyApi and MyApiClient to expose and access external APIs.

In your external application, you can call the site’s API as you would any other API from an app.

Okay, thanks a lot for your response, i’ve made a get and a post request.

The problem now is that my collection is set as “Custom” to be accessed externally. And every body can literally post, put or delete data.

I can access the collection from my react native app, but everybody can, so the question is can we modify the function to have like a key or a specific access so that only the app can access for example ?