Is there a way to change filters with each collection?

Hello, I am trying to create filters for store collections that change when buyers click on each brand name. Here is an example below with what I need to happen:

Lets say a buyer clicks on “Circle Y Saddles”. I want the “Styles” filter underneath to show only the styles (or models) of that particular brand. Then if the buyer clicks on say "Martin Saddles’, the “styles” filter will change to that particular brand’s models. I hope this makes sense.

I called Wix and they said that there is nothing available that would work for me. I am trying to keep things simple for my client as she isn’t particularly tech saavy. But I may have to go with some coding to make this happen as it is imperative that this works properly. Seems like this feature would be pretty elementary. No filter options…no mega menu options…no multilevel dropdown options…

Does anyone have any ideas?

Seems that you are using the Wix-Store.

All possibilities, what can be done by velo-code in your case, you will find here…

…and here…

russina-dima, thanks so much for your reply, it is much appreciated. I’ve read through the reference links but I don’t really see what I’m looking for. I was hoping someone would have a piece of code for this that I could tweak and use. I’m not an expert on coding and am having a tough time finding the code I need to do this. I just need the “style” filter to change for each particular collection link.

Could this be something that I would use? Wix Data Aggregate?

If so, how would I write this to filter out certain style collections for each main collection?

I think i can’t really help in your case, because i have never used “Wix-Stores” before. I do not know the database-structure and its coding connections.

@russian-dima it’s ok. Thanks for your time!

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Your question is too broad. Doubt anyone is going to just code the whole thing for you for free. What part are you actually having trouble with?

There are multiple ways to achieve something like what you want but depends on how detailed you want your filter to be.

If you dont need it to be that detailed you could even do it without coding:

Personally I find that method to be insufficient for my needs and use the following

Brian, thanks for your reply. I don’t expect anyone to code the whole thing for me and I never stated that. I am just looking for some guidance and maybe an example. And the question is not too broad at all. It’s pretty cut and dry as to what I’m looking to do. I am not a coder, I am a designer and I’m just looking for a a little help to make this a possible feature for my client. I apologize if my question offends anyone. Just thought this forum was the place to go to ask questions without being chastised for it. But thanks for the links. Looks like the bottom link has something I can use. I’ll try it out.

It’s too broad in the sense that it doesn’t narrow down which part you are struggling with.

You’re going to have to learn at least some coding if you want to achieve anything beyond the default filter shown in the first link.
Were the default filter abilities insufficient for your needs?

@briapril30 I know a little coding but not enough to do what I need. Yes, the default filters are insufficient. For each saddle collection (brand), there are different styles or models for each brand of saddle. All I need is to have the “Styles” filter change for each collection (brand) link to reflect that brand’s different styles/models that are available. Maybe I’m missing something? Thanks for your help.