is there a way to get roles for a site member by querying it?

I know we can get the user role for a site member currently logged in. but how can we query the members database and get the role for all users instead?

I need to display the role names in a repeater for the contact/member.

Should be possible.


These are badges. not roles.

It seems like you can query for everything else BUT roles!

And the only way you can query for roles is for the current logged-in user and not anyone else

is there any way to work around this???

As i can remember, there is no way.
But you can MISUSE the BADGES as ROLES.
Instead of ROLES → use BADGES.

Not possible in your case ?

Pages are dependent on that. Admin chooses roles for the users also. Can’t really misuse it.

This is annoying. Is there a feature request available for this???