Is there a way to get the timezone of the current visitor to the site?

Hi, I want to retrieve the timezone of the person currently viewing the site. the timezone property in wixsite gets the timezone in the site setting. But I want to get the timezone of the viewer. I want to explicitly display the timezones in which we are displaying timing of the events on the site.

Use getCurrentGeolocation() in the wix-window API to retrieve the user’s IP-based location coordinates. To see how Geolocation works, s ee Ahmad’s excellent Tutorial: Detect Visitors’ Geolocation & IP Address and the Example: Google Places .

Once you have the location coordinates, you can get the time zone using an external service such as TimeZoneDB’s API:

export function tz(lat, lng, timestamp) {
   return wixSecretsBackend.getSecret("TimeZoneDB")
        .then((secret) => {
           let url = `           key=${secret}&format=json&by=position&lat=${lat}&lng=${lng}&time=${timestamp}`;
           return fetch(url, { method: 'get' }).then((httpResponse) => {
              if (httpResponse.ok) {
                 return httpResponse.json();
        .catch((error) => {

Note: you will need to sign up for the TimeZoneDB service to get your own API key.

@yisrael-wix , thanks for this answer. I will try out the same.