Is there a way to set up sliding scale pricing for some of the products on my website?

I want to give customers the ability to enter a price within a set range and continue to checkout at that price. I can’t find any info on this topic or apps which support it.


Hi Phillip,

It is currently not possible to set up sliding scale pricing with Wix. We do have a feature request for it here that you can vote for.

Dara | Corvid Team

Boo! that’s a bummer. Any updates on this feature? How we operate has been completely transformed since the pandemic, making digital first the norm, and making services accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. With that intention in mind, I offer my services on a sliding scale and Wix not supporting this feature is a HUGE IMPEDIMENT to my business, members, and revenue! I’m taking a hit on my ROI!

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