Is there anyway of exporting the contents of a form and insert them on a MySQL External DB?

Hi everyone and season greetings.
I’m helping a friend on his new site, and it seems that the designer he used doesn’t do coding, so shortening things, I don’t know much about JavaScript or PHP, but I’ve learned a few things, and managed to be able to do a simple form on a external web-server and use it inside the WIX. But this is not the good way of doing it , so I’m trying to do it inside the WIX page code.
The code is this :: , and that is done using an external server.
Basically that inputs the contents of those fields inside a MySQL DB in order to be processed and available on a CRM System.
Is this doable in WIX ?? to input the values and then write them directly to a Ext DB? instead them to be sent by email ???

You can use “mySql” npm package, check out this post about using npm packages.