Is this possible?

I don’t think you can insert externa scripts anyway except in a HTML Component. Have you tried that? But then it will reside in the iframes head section and not in the parent site. What is your goal with manychat?

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If script is ok to be in HTML component, doesn’t need access to parent site structure - you can use HTML comp, and it’s actually not WixCode) If it needs access - it’s something that you cant achive with WixCode anyway

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ManyChat is a Facebook messenger bot platform that I’m using, I need to install the javascript above to allow a ‘pop up’ that will lead people to subscribe to my bot. I can use a light box but with a lightbox i can’t lead straight into FB messenger with one click like I can with ManyChat. I’m wondering if I need an API?

maybe offtop, but still - i noticed this on your screenshot - “place it into of every page on your site”

This is still not possible with Wix due to many reasons, mainly security… You don’t have access to site code “directly”

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There’s another thread that addresses this. Hoping Wix will engage and help with a solution.