Issue fixing site on different views

I am having issues with setting up my site on different devices. As an example, I was able to set up my desktop and table view perfectly but my mobile view was all over the place.

When I then fixed the mobile view, it threw the other two views out and I was unable to set up all 3.

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
Set up site on different devices to look right.

What have you already tried:
[Share resources, forum topics, articles, or tutorials you’ve already used to try and answer Tried playing with different options but was unable to find something to allow me to just move elements without affecting the other views.

Additional information:

I can be a bit tricky at times getting used to what elements affect changes on different breakpoints.
Have a read over this Studio Editor: Designing Across Breakpoints | Help Center |

if you need help contact me at DCI Designs

I’ve had these same issues. My solution was to better handle the desktop version by:

  • stacking things appropriately
  • creating extra rows/columns so that things are forced into boundaries
  • make appropriate changes on mobile, examples:
    • change from columns to rows
    • stack vertically as opposed to horizontally

These helped me tremendously.