Issue with animation in multiStateBox

why do elements become hidden when adding animation to them multiStateBox?

Editor X

I’m trying to create a slideshow using multiStateBox in editor X, after adding all the states and using the changeState() function, everything works fine, but once I add animation to any element inside the multiStateBox, that element becomes hidden and can’t be seen after that

To check the cause of the issue, I tried using the function show() after hiding an element " with and without adding animation to it " and for some reason show() also seems to not work elements inside the multiStateBox, once it’s hidden, it’s hidden, that’s it

I think it has something to do with changeState() function having some bug

Can you share a code example that reproduces the issue?

Of course
After adding animation to the children of the multiStateBox
and Naming its States to “STATE1” “STATE2” “STATE3” etc …
run this function

function AUTOSLIDE(){

    $w("#multiStateBox").changeState("STATE"+CURRENT_SCROOL).then( (newState) => {
  } );


    if(CURRENT_SCROOL > $w("#multiStateBox").states.length){
            CURRENT_SCROOL = 1


Same bug in Wix Studio Editor too. After adding animations from Wix animations, CSS keyframes in Multi State Box, that element doesn’t seem to work after state changed.

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Mostly it happened after they changed their animations system, this must be just some bug that they should know about.

Updating to confirm that the team is aware of this bug.