Issues with published mobile layout

I’m having an issue with published mobile layouts not displaying very well at all. They look fine in Editor X, with the correct sizes of imagery, spacing etc.
This is affecting pages published several months ago as well as one I’ve just started to lay out.
Even the case studies in the template file i used seem to be displaying badly on mobile:
Branding Agency Website Template | WIX?
As I’m using this as my portfolio, it’s inconvenient to say they least! Any ideas out there?

You are lucky - I cannot get the mobile to display correctly at all - even in Editor X. I am not a fan of the autosave being this program is still be fine-tuned. Best of luck!

I’ve done the check of the site you are referring to, but still we got lack of information on what exactly is the page/element you need assistance with. Could you elaborate with screencast of the live site?

Hopefully in this video you can see when going into the case studies that the layout of the text is quite off, but view the template in editor x and it looks fine.

Hey! we have sent you email regarding this issue. Feel free to reply to it if you have any questions. Thanks

Thanks for the video @geezadave . If you’re experiencing the same thing on your site, I can make a ticket on your behalf as it’s an issue that our team is investigating that seems to affect the grids on the live site.

If you want to try resolving it, you can try setting the section as a master and then detach it from master . You can delete the master afterwards. Regardless, please reach out so we can document this and work towards a more permanent fix.