It appears that I have blown up my site with this line of code

I added this code to a router page today, an event handler for a hamburger menu container.

		$w('#boxShuffle').collapse() // a standard container

Then all the Backend functions in my whole site stopped working. I fiddled with site history, and got it working again. Then I tried adding the same code another time and everything has stopped working for the second time.

Even deleting these lines of code doesn’t seem to help to fix my site now.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Can you please share your site/editor so we can investigate the issue.

Once we have this info we can investigate further.

And it just started working again after just under an hour :slight_smile: I don’t know why, but I won’t use the same code again for now.

Thank you Sebi! I t just all started working again. I’ll be careful not to add the same code again for now. I’m using editor X and my website is

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