$item(...)onClick is not a function anymore

All of a sudden I am no longer able to preview my site in the Editor. The $item(…).onClick() function in question references an onReady call for a Repeater placed in the footer of the site written in masterPage.js, making it run for every page.The code has worked various times prior to April 27th on both Preview and Live, and the published site does not have this issue. Only when I preview the site am I unable to interact with the page and it’s elements because the page code doesn’t finish loading. It’s even affecting non-masterpage elements from being able to be interacted with. I have not done anything to this code for months and it should have run with no issues. Below is a screenshot and relevant code snippet… Any suggestions?

Extra Note: I also notice “Resolved namespaces” constantly being called in the console on Preview and Live, and I have no idea why as I have not called for such a log on any page. Was wondering why this shows up all of a sudden and if it is the reason I am having issues…

export function appStack_itemReady($item,itemData,index){
        case 0: wixLocation.to('/');break
        case 1: if (wixUsers.currentUser.loggedIn){wixWindow.openLightbox("WATCH")}
            else {authentication.promptLogin({mode:'login',modal: false})}break
        case 2: if (wixUsers.currentUser.loggedIn){wixWindow.openLightbox("CREATE")}
            else {authentication.promptLogin({mode:'login',modal: false})}break
        case 3: if (wixUsers.currentUser.loggedIn){wixWindow.openLightbox("VEND")}
            else {authentication.promptLogin({mode:'login',modal: false})}break
        case 4: wixLocation.to('/playground');break}})}

Can you share the full code on masterPage.js? If it was working, and you changed nothing at all, and it is no longer working it’s possible that you have added some other code, maybe an import, that is causing an issue with other code which runs after it. It could also explain the error with $w(elementId).hide(), since the site code JS file always runs before the page code.