Json success but recipient has issue with structure

I’ve managed to successfully create a json (guided by youtube) for someone to access from another website. My Json: https://www.skyvalleydistrict3aa.org/_functions/api/DummyData.

But they have an issue with it and they say it should be like this one:

They refer me to a json validator that they have:

I can clearly see how my json and the model json differ but I have no clue how to fix. I am NOT a coder. :slight_smile:

The following had been suggested but I don’t understand it:
“dump everything within items … so your call should reference [‘items’]”
“in short, they only care about the contents of the [‘items’] array …”

Thoughts? Need more info? Thanks!

response.body = JSON.stringify(apiResults.items);
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Fixed! Thank you!!!

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