Labels won't always work

I have constructed a database using references to others. Therefore, the value of the cells is the alphanumeric ID. For the filters, I am using labels in .onReady function. Works perfectly up to a point and then I have a kind of a bug:
Labels are set when initially loading a page, but when clicking on a product and then hitting ‘Back’ to go back to the assortment list, the labels won’t work for a couple of filters. The problem solves by itself when clicking on other filters, but the first clicked after loading will always show the ID’s instead of the labels (photo below). How can I possibly fix this?

Do you use a repeater to show the items or what element do you use?

Yes, a repeater.
But the problem occurs on the filters, not on the items. The items are correctly displayed.
The filters are all dropdowns.

Ok but the image shows the repeater right? So how do you populate the dropdowns?

No, the image shows the dropdown, open.
In the meantime, I have tried to get the label setters in the as well…and it appearently solved the problem, although there is some delay (for about half a second after opening the dropdown, the ID still shows up and only then changes to the labels).
I’d still like to find another way to solve it, to remove this delay

I would set all the options in the dropdowns before I show them so hide it and then load in data and show it when all data is loaded?

That sound like a plan…but how can I do that?
So that would probably begin with checking ‘Hidden on load’…but what then?

before loading in the values to the dropdown just use .hide() of the dropdown and when data is loaded use .show() in the dropdown

But the data loads on ready. It’s a matter of less than a second until the data loads…and it’s not triggered by anything…so I can give any commands before or after loading