Last night I bought 1 year premium plan but wix refuses to connect the domain

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Last night I bought 1 year premium plan but it doesn’t want to publish or connect my domain I bought trough that premium package.
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What have you tried to do?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re doing / clicking on that doesn’t work?

Well I bought that premium plan and it says that my site is premium but once I try to connect it to my domain, it doesn’t show my domain anywhere yet it asks me to get a new one again. Basically I cannot assign a domain that is not currently assigned to my site.

My sites: Screenshot by Lightshot
Premium subscriptions: Screenshot by Lightshot
Domains: https://
Domains I already own: https://

Am I missing some part ?

That image doesn’t show any domains. It shows a site.

A domain is a URL


Did you buy a domain anywhere?

If so, what did you call it?

EDIT: If you get a free domain via wix premium, you should be able to make a free domain somewhere via your dashboard.

EDIT: If you get a free domain via wix premium, you should be able to make a free domain somewhere via your dashboard.

How do I do that?

I did buy a domain trough that wix package tho.

It wants me to purchase domain again even after I should have it already…

It’s on your dashboard somewhere…

Try these…

Here’s a screen record of what is happening

The video is private.

Try it now, I think I fixed the privacy.

All in all, I did pay for the basic premium plan but at the moment I have nothing from it…

Did you redeem your voucher within the two months?

Is it the FIRST TIME you buy a premium plan? I think maybe there’s also a problem there, sometimes.

Maybe contact wix customer support. You can link them to this forum page, so they can see all the things you’ve tried already.

Good luck.


How do I get in contact with them? Can you please help me out by redirecting them to me somehow? I’m so new that I won’t figure this out easily. This is my first time to buy a plan ever. I have been using Wix since 2014 I think and for the first time I bought the premium plan hoping I will finally get my domain and everything through that plan but sadly I paid for nothing :&

In your dashboard you can click “help” and get contact by call or via chat :slight_smile:

Didn’t worked. The AI Bot gives me incorrect answers, and call/chat took too long for a response which I didn’t get in the end. I need help still.

You have to persist with the chat and call. I usually get contact quite fast.

To me it seems like you haven’t gotten a 1-year free voucher

Who is behind the contact? An actual person or AI bot ?
Why cannot I get the help here through forum?

Just keep telling the bot that you need a human. Works for me.

It’s not often you see Wix support here in the forum.

Did you find a solution?

No I didn’t and I’m not sure if I will. If my premium package does not contain a domain, then do not offer it as through the package, because wix has set it up so that it looks like if I buy a premium package, I also get a domain. When I bought that package, suddenly it’s not enough, I need to upgrade my subscription. Totally unfair and incorrect from a reputable site.

:-1: for Wix