Limiting the number of form submissions

Is there a way to limit the number of users submitting a form?

The client would like to have a form, where employees can sign up for various activities, each activity with a limit of a certain number of employees who can sign up.
All the employees’ ID numbers are logged in the database for verification, so the employee will have to enter their ID number to see if they qualify to sign up.

For example: A workshop where only 20 people (of let’s say 1000 employees) can sign up, and once the limit is reached, the workshop closes for registration.

Hi Anat,
I have an idea for you.
To checked the number of employees that already signed up using count method and according to the number enable/disable the form submitting.
What do you think ?

Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions! :slight_smile:
I would like the limit to be set automatically once creating the form. I don’t think they’ll be available to check it manually…

How does the client create the activity ?

I’m guessing they’ll have some sort of text description and then a form connected to the database. We haven’t gotten round to the design of this part yet…

I think it would be more efficient to try to find a solution after you design that part.

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וסליחה שעברתי לעברית :slight_smile:

Hi Anat,

Yes, wix code allows you to add your specific code, before showing the form, before submitting the form, and before inserting the data to the db in the server to create that business logic