Link members phone numbers from database to WhatsApp button.

Hi, I’ve read numbers on explanation on this but none is sufficient. If I only wanted to insert my number then it will be sufficient.

But, I am expecting around 300-500 members in my website. So it will be inefficient to manually link 300+ numbers as how the guide has shown. I wanted the site visitors to be able to contact my 300 members phone numbers, not mine.

The 300 members profile info will be shown to the public visitors through a ‘REPEATER’. So there is a ‘WhatsApp Me’ button IN EACH OF THEIR PROFILE that enable visitors to WhatsApp any of the 300+ numbers .

What I wanted to is to extract all ‘their’ numbers from my database and link them a constant url. And, the other thing I read since I’m using a repeater I must use ‘itemReady’ code. Quite lost here since I’m new to all this.

Can you guys maybe please show me a line of code that can extract their phone numbers from the database and put it behind the constant url ‘’


Did something like this…

$w.onReady (function () {
}) ;
export function button2_click(event) {

let phone= ‘${$dataset1.phoneNo}’

let link = ' phone’ ; w;

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