Link to a specific slide in a slideshow on another page


I’m a beginner, can use only very simple codes in Corvid (.show, .hide, etc.). However, now I need to create a link from a button that appears on all pages to a certain slide in a slideshow that is placed on a page. Please, could you give me some advice on how to do it or where can I find it?

Thank you very much!


You can use a cookie from the wix-storage API or a url query with this wixLocation API .

Set your cookie before using to redirect to the page your slideshow is or make sure your link has a descriptive query like maybe the index of the slide you want. On that page, you can add code to detect the url query/cookie and set the slide number with this .

Hello David,

thank you a lot, I´ll give a try, hopefully I can do it:-)


Unfortunately, I am not doing it, I´m sorry, I´m really a just a begginer…

Please, wouldn’t it be possible to give me more specific advice if I include pictures here?

In the left menu, which is displayed on all pages, is Button. The second picture shows a slide in a slideshow on the page where I need to go.
(I know how to change slides with buttons on this page, this is the code:
export function buttonOpen_click(event) {

Thank you for an advice and a patience…

have you tried to use the code you have from your button with the wix location api?
you could try to import wix location as part of the button redirect and add the location to code from the api

Maybe this will help :