Link to Bolden Academy Editor?

I have looked extensively for this answer and can’t find it so I am asking here. You know how we are able to view the editor versions of several of the websites featured in the tutorials? I watched the video today that talks about showing/hiding tool tips and text boxes, using the Bolden Academy campus map. I followed all of that but they didn’t mention how they got the tooltips to display the different Building Names, so I would like to view the actual code on the page. Is there a link anywhere that would allow us to view the Editor version of the Bolden Academy website?

In all samples you click the view in editor, then you go to tools menu and show developer tools and there you have code.

Everything is different layers / elements that you hide or show on mouse in / mouse out or click.

Hope you get the code, otherwise try using .hide() and .show() using animations or not like fadein or other.

Thank you, but my point was that this particular tutorial did not have the button on it to View In Editor.

ok sorry, look at this example,

Yes, thank you, I saw that one. I am looking specifically for the Bolden Academy site, which they may not be making available to us. Not sure. But, I would be VERY interested in reading through the whole code for that site. VERY interested. Lol It would be helpful.

I would also love to have that site, it seems like there is stuff in it not released. I think it will be released as a huge showcase when WIX code goes live

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