Linking form submission to gallery

Hi everyone!

I am trying to do something super simple.
The wix code form seems to be working perfectly but the images submitted do not appear in the gallery that appears on the next page after submitting the form.

The template WIX gallery images disappear and show the one image submission currently in the database, so it is registering that it’s supposed to pull images from the database, but the image will not load.

Any ideas as to why?

Screenshot of issue:

Screenshot of form:

Screenshots of backend:

Link to form:

Any assistance here would be wonderful!


Hi Jess!

I’ve looked into your site (which looks great!) and noticed a couple of minor issues that causes the behavior you described.

  1. The Dataset in the gallery page is set to “Write only”. Having it that way makes the dataset unable to
    retrieve data from your collection and by that - unable to present the artwork that was submitted.
    Change it to “Read only”. That should do the trick.

  2. I’ve noticed that you had a test item in your live collection but you removed it from the “sandbox”,
    so I made a little test my self:

Hope it helps!

Doron. :slight_smile:

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HAHAHAHA! Omg youre awesome :joy::raised_hands:t3: Thanks for the laugh.

The new question is, after changing the gallery page database settings to “read only”, I see the WIX stock photos and not the test submission. I removed all the stock photos and still dont see anything. I can see the image in preview but not on the live site.

Screenshot of “live” site:

Screenshot of preview mode:

Screenshot of database on gallery page:

I have submitted another test… for good measure… and it’s still not working on my end.
Please let me know if perhaps you are seeing them?

And the second submission isnt showing up in the sandbox?

Hi again Jess!

I’ve looked again at your site, both in live and preview and it seems like its working for me.
Here are some screen shots of my side:

As for not showing in the “sandbox”, that was my bad, you don’t need the items to be on both collections.
Live collections for items that are uploaded from the live site, sandbox for items from preview mode or added directly to the collection.

Try to refresh your browser while viewing the gallery page (on live site).

Let me know if you’re still facing issues with that.


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YAY! Thank you!! Sometimes it works on my end, sometimes it doesnt, but that’s good enough for me!

Thanks for all your help.

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Hi there! Do either of you happen to know if it’s possible to allow a user to submit a gallery of images, rather than just a single file upload? And if so, how? Thanks so much!!