Linking from a Pro Gallery to a Dynamic Item Page in NEW WINDOW

When linking from a Pro Gallery to a Dynamic Item Page I need to open the Dynamic Item Page in a new Window vs in current window.

I have a Pro Gallery containing CMS feed pictures along with Dataset AND visitor filtering and sorting. I use a Pagination bar to page thru the results 12 at a time. Click on a picture and you go to a Dynamic Item Page showing an enlargement of the picture along with more description (eg. year, category, donator, etc). In the Dynamic Item Page you can also prev/next thru the same photos displayed on Gallery page.

All of this is working well.

The only way o get back from the Dynamic Item Page to the gallery page is to use the Browser’s goback key. This can take several clicks if you’ve been prev/next’ing (not ideal but acceptable). But when you finally get back to the Gallery page it is at the beginning - first picture and no user filtering defined.

==> If the link to the Dynamic Item Page were to a new window, I could simply close the Dynamic Item Page and return to the Gallery page - ready to continue where I left off.

Any suggestions or work arounds?


Alternatively - any solution to return from Dynamic Item Page to Gallery page keeping that page where you left it (ie without resetting Gallery page back to the beginning)???