Linking Repeater to Dynamic Page

Hi all,

Trying to link a repeater item to a dynamic page.

I have a repeater displaying many items from a dataset on one page - i then want to be able to click on the individual repeater item / container and display the dynamic page with the further information on it on a new page (same window).
I hope that makes sense - Is there a way to do this?

Dataset is ‘ships’
Primary Field is ‘vesselname’
Dynamic Page is ‘ships-1’
Repeater is ‘repeater9’ / ‘container9’

Thank you for your help.



It sounds like you want a Dynamic List Page that then has links to Dynamic Item Pages. You can learn how to set these up here:

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Hi Anthony,

Many thanks, that’s exactly what i was after! Saved a lot of time!



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you’re very welcome! thanks for marking the solution!