Links to Blog still appearing on Member's page even after deleting Wix Blog

I deleted Wix blog and installed Wix Forum. However, on the Member’s page, links to ‘Blog Comments’ and ‘Blog Likes’ are still showing. Also, if a user clicks on it, the system throws a 500 page isn’t available right now error. Can someone pls let me know how to remove these links from the Member’s page.

Hi Remee, Can you please send a link to your site?

Actually, my site isn’t published yet. Is there any way I can give you access to the site ?

@aremee07 Hi!

You can share the URL of your editor’s page.
Only authorized personnel can enter this link and inspect your site.


Here’s the URL of the editor’s page:

@doron-alkalay Thanks !

Hi @aremee07 ,

It looks like the Blog App was not removed completely for some reason.

try the following in order to solve it:
Add Wix Blog again.
Remove Wix Blog → this will remove the Blog and all its components, and this time it should remove also the remains you have there.


That worked. Blog links are not appearing now. Many Thanks !

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