Load Speeding of website is very slow

My website load-time is really slow. Most of the elements that I used were similar to the non Editor X version. Any feedback to make improvements to loading speed would be appreciated.

This is the website.
w agswestnyc.com

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Hi Marixa …I’m not an expert but …

  1. you have a typo in your URL (ie: “com”)
  2. Yes, a bit slow to load but not enough to make me click out and away. Could not take too much more though. Maybe you can compress some of your pics that might speed it up. Make sure there is nothing extraneous loading.
  3. Once you are on the client sign-in screen …no way to get out back to HOME.
    That’s all I have at the moment.


oh by the way, I love the website in general. Very engaging and cute!

Hi Marixa
Website is good ,as jack says loading lag could be to large picture size,
Jack picked up on a few things like typo in web address and no way back from the contact page, apart from those you must be pleased with Editor x

Thank so much Jack for your feedback on the site. I appreciate it.

Also, thanks for feedback John.
Best, Marixa

see: https://www.editorxcommunity.com/forum/community-discussions/number-of-breakpoints-impacts-performance