Lock scrolling behind light box and adding scrolling within light box


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What are you trying to achieve:
I am using lighboxes to open when user clicks on text link, I want to lock the background scrolling and I want the user to be able to scroll within the light box, is it possible?


This is a good question.

It’s not currently possible, so I’ll move this over to the Feedback category. In the meantime, be sure to submit a feature request on the Roadmap - Product Roadmap

@Maria_Montanez-Rudqu Hey! I did want to provide you with a workaround option for the time being in case it helps. While you can’t lock the background to prevent it scrolling, you can set the lightbox to scroll by adding a transparent container that’s docked to the bottom with a negative margin. (This creates content overflow inside the lightbox which will allow visitors to scroll.) Let us know if you have any questions on that! :smile:

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