Login to see prices, unique password setup

I am a new user on Wix.com
Our website that we have created is here https://www.etxglobalelectronics.com/ there is a missing feature which is important to us that we need some help on.

So, what we are looking for is to have our website display prices only to a dealer who login, visitors will see just the product display with descriptions.

Each dealer will get there own login username and password.

Do you have a software that can do this?
I will await your reply.


O’Brian Burrel

You can do like Costco. Show your products but the Price will say log in to see prices and if the user is logged in it displays the price

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You would likely have to create a database with all your products. This would serve as the public part. You would have buttons that when clicked would prompt the user to sign in/up. Next, you would need to create a member’s area with the Wix Store feature that includes prices and the ability to purchase products.


Thanks Carlos.

Can you give some direction. Where do I look?