Looking for help with recurring payments

My business model is to charge customers for subscriptions. They first need to come to the site and enter an activation code, then they need to select which subscription method they want (monthly/quarterly/annually) after that they just need to pay and be set up on recurring payments based on the frequency selected. I want the payments to be integrated into stripe.

I can’t seem to find any app out there that supports recurring payments with different frequencies. Is this something that needs to be coded in? Or is there an app out there that I am missing? I currently use iPowr app… but the app i am using only integrates with Paypal.

Thanks any help you all can provide is great… if anyone has done something like this already let me know what you would charge. Also let me know if there is a different forum for this type of question … I couldn’t find a different wix user forum out there.


I have done it before. You can get the working code but its no easy task doing something like this. I suggest you start learning JavaScript for this kind of project


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Thanks for such a nice script, I am stuck on recurring subscription payment i have integrated as you showed in tutorial but i am getting error, the error because of plan ID so stripe new version does not have plan id it has only price-xxxxxxxxx id when i put price it, it shows below error

“error”: “Received unknown parameter: source”,
“code”: “parameter_unknown”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”

My code

function clickf(){
createToken ( encodeCardrec ( createCardrec ())) //we start the process by encoding the card and creating a token
. then (( token ) => {
createCustomer ( customer ) //create a new customer
. then (( id ) => {
let item = {
“customer” : id , //this is your customer ID
“items[0][plan]” : items //this is your plan id
console . log ( token );
subscription ( token , item ) //subscribe
. then (( response ) => {
console . log ( response )
if ( response . chargeId !== undefined ) {
accepted = true ;
console . log ( response )
// wixLocation.to(‘/success’); //redirect on success
} else {
$w ( “#Rcarderror” ). text = response . error ; //show error message on failure