Looking for some guidance on something big related to no code

I began using Wix a year ago and have been enthusiastically building websites ever since. While I am not yet fully versed in the no-code space, nor do I have a comprehensive understanding of all Wix’s capabilities, I am eager to deepen my knowledge and proficiency in this field. My goal is to enhance my skills to address real-life problems effectively and create impactful solutions.

I am seeking guidance on how to advance my no-code journey and am keen to collaborate on projects where I can contribute my design expertise. I am passionate about leveraging no-code tools to innovate and solve practical challenges. I look forward to learning from experienced professionals and engaging with like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for no-code development

I would greatly appreciate any time and guidance from experts in this field to help me navigate Wix Studio and no-code development. Their expertise would be invaluable as I strive to advance my skills and contribute meaningfully to this growing community.

Sure, Could you please tell me where exactly you need help?

I’ll be more than happy to collaborate.

Everything that is generated without code in wix is ​​already doomed.
If you want to generate really effective, flexible and customizable solutions → you will need code.

So you can advance your NO-CODE-JOURNEY even to the maximum → but in most cases you will recognize, that you will still need code.

NO-CODE-SETUPs can be used for simple SOLUTIONS with a minimum of options, or even without any options.

So my suggestion would be:

Instead of trying to develop your solutions WITHOUT-CODE, i would suggest you to learn more CODE and also use more CODE to generate your solutions.

Good luck !

Thank you so much for your reply, I actually needed a guidance on how to begin my journey how to start off and get some experience by making websites through wix and eventually get good at it.
Simply keeping I just want want some to help me go about starting and learning new things about this sector.

Thanks again!

Thank you for the reply! Will surely implement it. If you could share a few platforms from where I could learn coding, it would mean alot.
I understand the value of using code for complex solutions. However, I am very enthusiastic about the no-code sector and aspire to make significant contributions in this area. My vision is to drive change through no-code development. I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with individuals like yourself who share similar interests.
Thanks again!

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