Looking for WIX STUDIO Developer

Hi all, I want to redisign my agency website which is currently on Wix Editor, and I’m looking for a Wix Studio developer to transfer it to the new platform and create something more “advanced” Please contact me if interested.

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Hey @Federica_Attanasio!

Moving this over to the Collaboration category. I’d also potentially reach out via the Wix Marketplace too if you’re looking to hire someone :slight_smile:

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Hi @Federica_Attanasio , send me a link of your current website and I’ll have a look.

Thank you! It’s my first time using this forum :slight_smile:

Hi @Federica_Attanasio , did you find someone to work on your site in Studio ?

Hey I’m an expert in this, shoot me a message and let’s talk!