Major Ascend Update

Hey everyone,

Here’s some exciting news in case you missed our New Growth Opportunities Event. We listened to your feedback and as of February 1st, 2023, Ascend will no longer be a standalone package. Instead your favorite Ascend tools will now be included in the Premium plans.

The key changes are:

  • Live Chat, Socials posts, and Promotional Videos will be included in the Premium plans

  • Forms will be included according to your Wix Premium plan

  • Email Marketing stand-alone plans will launch and be available to purchase depending on your needs

Please note that this change won’t affect any Ascend plans purchased before February 1st, 2023.

Look out for the email in your inbox giving you more details about these changes and follow this link to read the article about Ascend closing.

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I just saw this and it is great (mostly). I just checked out the pricing of the email plans and am a little disappointed that they didn’t match the quantity of the free level the same as mailchimp as 2500 email limit per month. As Wix is only 200 and even the first paid level only gives you 500 it would have even better if the first paid tier gave you 2500 the same as the free level as mailchimp. Now with a lot of not for profits less than 2500 subscribers will want to move this capability back to mailchimp. This is painful as we spent a while moving them over to Wix from mailchimp.


Agree on this.

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I am also curious what happens to clients I got to get ascend that does not expire until October that they purchased mainly for the mailout ?

Does this mean purchasing a Premium plan will remove Ascend Branding from Wix Invoices and Live Chat box?

People who still have ascend time left should be given a refund equilvalent to the time they have left.

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Hey Simon, if you have any questions regarding a possible refund, please reach our priority support and they will be able to assist you >

Existing plans purchased before February 1st, 2023 won’t be affected, unless you turn off auto-renewal. If you choose to change your plan and move to the new email Marketing plan, please reach to our priority support and they will be able to assist you >

Over the past few years we’ve built an email marketing product and platform that can seamlessly integrate with your Wix Business. We continue to invest in features, design templates, integration with all Wix Business tools and above all, make sure our email platform provides the best open and deliverability rates in the competitive landscape. During our competitor research, we saw that although Mailchimp offers 2,500 for free, they have a limitation of 500 contacts, which we’re not doing. In fact, with Wix you can choose a different set of contacts for each email campaign with no limitation.


This is change is quite the disappointing. Your free plans have gone from being able to send 3 Campaigns a month to 5000 emails, to now only being able to send an unlimited number of campaigns, but to no more than 200 emails per month… this doesn’t make sense.

And even if you upgraded to the Essentials plan you are only adding 300 more emails per month.

If you are comparing with Mailchimp, there is an important option that is missing in Wix - excluding from segment and/or list, but exists in Mailchimp.

Imagine you want to sent email to 2000 contacts but want to exclude 20 email addresses from that list. In Wix there is no way to do it. You may label the contacts but it is very long process to do so. Still, you need to reduce some large list by excluding addresses for different reasons. In Wix is not possible but in Mailchimp it is possible. In fact, any useful CRM package is having ‘Exclude from segment/list’ functionality. Any plans to do it? I rarely used Wix for sending emails because of this.

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So I have a 3 year business unlimited premium plan that expires in 2024 - I have an Ascend plan that will expire March 1 2023. I turned off the auto renewal - I’m assuming that is all that needs to be be done and I will still receive the same features?

Not the same at all. The Ascend options are better in my opinion, keep your subscription.

“…Ascend will no longer be a standalone package. Instead your favorite Ascend tools will now be included in the Premium plans.” So I have Ascend up until March 1st. If Ascend closed on Feb 1, why renew it for over $300 if it’s part of the Premium Plan, which I have the business unlimited until November of 2024. Anna can you clarify what will happen if I don’t renew Ascend? Also, why is Ascend being promoted as an upgrade on our dash board if it’s no longer being offered as a stand alone? -

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Quite Disappointed with this! It’s like punishing your premium members. Now we can send only 200 emails a month! It’s way below the standard Ascend plan. And it’s no way near what mailchimp is offering at the same price. I think you should workout better price/volume ratio.