Make my Contacts into Members

OK, here goes. I am pulling a clients website from Wordpress over to Wix for various reasons.
My client has 220+ ‘Paid Membership’ customers all with unique passwords to access their accounts and content they get from being a paid member.
I have exported all the paid members from WP and imported them into Wix, but it has added the CSV upload as ‘Contacts’ in my Wix dashboard, to replicate what my client had on WP I’d need these contacts to be ‘Members’ with their creditials the same as their WP.
Is there a way to do this? It’s driving me mad… and I’m against a deadline! Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks everyone.

Hi Adam,

Importing member data directly from a CSV is not possible.

You can either register them one by one or use code to automate the process.
See wixUsers.register for more information.

Dump the CSV file into a collection and use register() to register each member.
Note that storing passwords in clear text is highly unrecommended.