Manually add user?

I have a client dashboard set up that works fine for my clients, but I find the current method of adding new users to be cumbersome, because I need to make changes to the database before the user can use the dashboard. Perhaps, I’m missing a way to do what I want… Here’s my current process:

  1. When I get a request to add a client, I go to our dashboard’s login page, and click on the “Sign Up” link.

  2. I enter the new client’s email and a password and hit “Go”.

  3. Then I go to my Wix “backend” and approve the now pending request.

  4. Then I log in as the now approved user.

  5. Finally, after all of that, I have the user in my database and can start making the necessary changes for that user in the database.

Of course, in the course of doing this, the new client gets emails, which I tell them to ignore.

Is there some way to create new users/members without going through the automatic sign up process? It would be much simpler, if I could create users by hand, get them all set up, and then send them a single welcome email when everything is ready.

Is there a way to do this? Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.


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You can create new members using the register function. I recommend also checking out the Wix Users and Wix Users Backend APIs.

Good luck!