Marketing Masters- Wix Video!

Hey all! Did you know that videos can increase conversions to a landing page by 80% or more? (I learned that useful nugget of info from watching the Wix Experts Webinar: Using Videos as a marketing tool. ) #WixVideoMaker is available on all accounts Dashboard/Marketing Tools/Marketing Home/Make a promotional video. I created this video using the Wix Video Maker for a client . The video is more effective at promoting his business than a blog article or static image. Please share your #WixVideoMaker creations!
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Oh I like this - yes this is true! Clients love these bits of information!

Ooh I love this! Super interesting to know that videos are more effective than images or even blog articles :clap:t4::ok_hand:t5:


Hiya! I am a member of the #WixMarketingMasters and one of my products is the #WixVideoMaker. I am looking for feedback and feature requests you’d like me to bring to our next Wix Marketing Masters meeting with the Wix Product Managers. We will be meeting in a few weeks. Please share your feedback on this thread. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Nice! Look forward to seeing the feedback everyone shares! :slight_smile:

I love the video maker really easy to use. One thing that would be nice would be to upload your own music or even better a video with music. I have a client that has done some video advertorials but would be great to get some shorter snippets of these and since thy come with music would be nice to be able to use the music that they come with. Since I have the sound tracks also to make some slideshows to the music to promote would also be cool. At the moment they are quite simple( limited) and in some ways that is their beauty but ability to add a few more text options might be great too :slight_smile:


@juliet excellent feedback! Thank you! I have added upload your own music, upload video with music and add your own slides (edit templates) to the list.

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Hi guys, did you know that if you add a video with sound and select ‘no music’, it will play the video soundtrack? It’s not a perfect solution but you should give it a try.


@danielle-raiz-wix No i did not that’s great news I will try this later :slight_smile:

@melissa-1 thanks Melissa