Matrix Table questions

is there a template in wix for a matrix table for forms like the below (I can’t find any)? if not any ideas about how I will maybe code it?

It would just be quicker to make up your user input form yourself.

Simply have text element for the question and either radio buttons or the checkbox for the user to choose their choice.

Using radio buttons would be better as you can have a label on them which the user sees and a value that you can make up yourself which gets added to your dataset.$w.RadioButtonGroup.html

Using checkboxes will just give you a boolean value.$w.Checkbox.html$w.CheckboxGroup.html

the things is i want the checkboxes / radio buttons on the right while the question on the left (with radio buttons this is not possible, i believe)

Why not, just design it how you want it.

Put the question in a text box element on the left and then put the separate radio buttons or checkboxes on the right, simple.

but wouldnt the radio buttons be unnamed in the database?

No, the radio buttons have a label which the user sees on screen and a value that gets saved into the dataset.

Label : The text that is displayed to your visitors on your site.
Value : The data that gets saved to your collection.

Defining different labels and values can be useful when you want to store your visitor’s choice in your collection differently than the way that it’s worded on your site.

For example, let’s assume you have a set of radio buttons that let your visitors indicate if they are attending an event. You could label the choices as:

  • Wouldn’t miss it!

  • I hope so, but I’m not sure

  • Sorry, can’t make it

However, in your collection, you would have a field named “attending” where you want to save the visitor’s selection as one of the following values :

  • Yes

  • Maybe

  • No

In this case, you could set the labels and values of the buttons in your radio button group to the corresponding texts indicated above. This allows you to communicate in the way you want to your visitors, but save their information in a format that is easier to work with in your collection.

Can you get data from a table beyond the Primary tab, but based on the contents related to that tab to use with radio buttons?
Can you even use databases with radio buttons?