Member access question

Is it possible to hide all prices in an online store from people who are not logged in members of the website? Example: for a wholesale site that doesnt want to show prices to everyone.


Hi there -

I’ve seen this question pop up a few times - so you’re not the only one wondering!

At this time, the most common solution is to create a password protected page that is given to wholesale customers exclusively.

Hi Jeff, Hello Sheyla,

This is possible using Corvid code and if you are ready to make some design changes. You need to hide the price shown by the store app using some box element and then over that box element you can put a text element and use wix corvid to query the product price from the database and show to user who are logged in and hide it from users who are not.

The design aspect of this is not yet tested by me (hiding the price with box element). So can’t guarantee if it works perfect in all product pages. But i guess/believe it will work and the code logic will work 100%.

You can refer here how to do it or ask in our corvid forum , if you have any doubts implementing it. If you need my support just comment below.

By the way you can make a custom store by yourself with lot of flexibility if you use Wix Corvid.:grinning:


Corvid-19. Unlucky naming.

Corvid or Covid are not unlucky names.It’s sad and true that lot of people are affected now but lot of business became online these time and this will help them in future to reach previously unreachable customers fast. wix share price increased around 240% during these times, this will help wix , us and the community lot in future.

If you see the big picture, I would say these days will surely help us to improve and grow in lot of areas and everyone should take this as an opportunity.

The name change from Wix Code to Wix Corvid happend last year before everything happened and before WHO named the virus covid-19

Btw let me know if you need any support with your question. You can post your question also in Corvid forum to get quick code support.