Member Setting / Profiles - can this be done?

Hi all, I have some experience in Corvid and am generally computer literate, but I’m no coder. That said, I’m always happy to learn and get my hands dirty.

If possible I’d like to ask the general question of can the below idea be achieved using Wix? I think it can, but I’m not entirely sure how.

I would like to add to my existing website some functionality the essentially creates two different Member roles:


  • Can register by invitation-only (or just via a Register lightbox behind a password protected page)
  • Need approval before joining
  • Are paying members on a monthly subscription, if they don’t pay the account disables
  • Upon registration, create and can update a profile including photograph, bio and other details

Users - Can register via the traditional Wix registration

  • Are free users who do not require approval
  • Can search a database of Experts, which searches some of the fields in the Experts’ profile
  • Can send a private message to any Expert, which can of course be replied to by the Expert
  • Do not appear in any database or searchable content on the site

I do need

  • To be able to see the messages between Users and Experts
  • To be able to link to specific Expert profiles in the site
  • To get the Users to accept some Ts and Cs before searching the Expert database
  • To get the Experts to accept some Ts and Cs before joining

I do not need

  • To force Users and Experts to message only on my website - so no need to block email or contacts details in the messages

May I ask the communities’ opinion on achieving this please?

Does nobody have an opinion on this?