MENU issues on mobile with 2 languages. Works fine on desktop but not on mobile - URGENT HELP

I urgently need some help with my clients website we built on Editor X - the link is

Issue is:

  1. I had manually created the website in 2 languages, you can see when you load the website you can select which language.
  2. from there I made 2 separate menus for the 2 languages
  3. I set and linked the 2 Menu’s to english set of pages and vice versa for the Traditional Chinese pages.


  • on desktop the menu switches fine between the languages - no problems here.
  • ON MOBILE - the menu bar does not stick to the set language like desktop. For example - view the website from your mobile and click on the hamburger menu if your in English (the last setting i did was select and set it to the English Menu), when you enter through the mandarin button and then select the hamburger menu the menu will be in English and not Mandarin (Traditional Chinese)

Hi @debs
We were just in the same duscussion a few days ago.
see my comment:

I will summarize:
You are right, regular menu works but you can have only one hamburger menu per site. It’s not a bug, it’s a missing feature.
I contacted support and there’s a good workaround: on the Mandarin version - remove the default hamburger menu, and link it to a light box. In the lightbox - create the menu manually (I inserted a menu object, but you can create separate buttons if you want.).
I changed it, and it works great! Looks like the native hamburger menu.

But I have another question for you - I see your site is half Mandarin: are people in China able to see your EditorX site? isn’t it blocked by the great Chineese firewall?


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thank you @koomkoom Gidon - I will try to do this now (hopefully I can)

Hm… on the Chinese firewall - I really did not think of that, well I did not know Wix would be affected - but if its on it own domain will it be affected? (Oh I really hope not)

Hi, the domain doesn’t matter, it’s the actual servers & content.
Wix says that some content will be shown, some won’t, I tried many China test sites that show sometimes positive and sometimes negative answers for the site I am checking. Some customers in China said that my customer’s site isn’t visible there - so I don’t know the real answer…
But I think tht domain doesn’t play a rule here.

BTW Wonderful Site (, well done!

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Hey Gidon,

OK, done!! Thank you so much for helping me to solve this issue. Client should be happy tomorrow morning.

— ok, it will be launched for China and HK soon. I still have one more language to add (simplified Chinese), fingers crossed they can view the website.

— Thank you Gidon :))
now please work in China and HK haha… :sweat_smile:

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