Mobile APP - filter/search/organize groups

At the moment, the groups are in the same order that we created. Any chance we could organize this alphabetically, or costumize the order somehow?
This is really important for someone that uses a lot of different groups (100+) and it starts to become hard when you need to look for them.
A search option for groups could also help!


Hi @yela_501 , currently its not possible to change the order of groups- but I totally understand why you need this ability and its something we do want to support, is alphabetically is the order that will help you? not by activity in the groups?

Hi Refael, thank you for your reply, greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Alphabetically order would help yes. Ideally would need to have the option to choose from A-Z (ascendent) or Z-A (descendent), so I could choose what to show first.
Do you think this would be possible?