Mobile Page Speeds.. Are yours slow?

My desktop sites speed rating is a decent rating of 94 whereas for mobile it gets a poor score of 44.

I have disabled everything I can think of from the mobile version of the site which might be getting it a low score but Google PageSpeeds Insights (Lighthouse) is telling me that it’s Largest Contentful Paint ( LCP ) is taking too long (9 seconds)

You can test your sites speed here:

I would be very grateful if people could tell me what scores they are getting as I’m starting to think that the way in which Wix’s mobile sites need work to speed them up a bit. It’s telling me that there is stuff that needs seeing to like: “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy - 55 resources found”

Like I said though… Desktop version is fine it’s just the mobile version :frowning:
Getting worried now!

Do you have code? Perhaps your code needs to be optimized.

If you don’t have code, then you should contact Wix Customer Care ,

Thanks for replying back. We are using code on the homepage for a search function that is linked to a database, if that’s the sort of code you mean? I have done many tests to see if the speed improves by: Removing the database altogether, removing the code that links to the database, I have made the database to load after the page loads in the database settings… and other more obvious things like remove images etc but it still scores poor for mobile performance.

LCP is around 8 seconds (largest content paint)… and it all points at css, cache and other complex stuff that I do not have the ability to mess with…

I have heard about code to do with caching which can be set but that’s way over my head and scared about seriously messing stuff up. But if it’s to do with caching and stuff do you think I need to contact Wix to see if they will do it?

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