Mouse Hover Issue

I have a problem with the hover code on my website

As you can see, the hover appears and disappear correctly. However, I need an instruction saying that whenever the hover is maintained on it, then keep showing the hover. Can someone help me?

I invite you to check my website to understand the issue. On the second slide of the main slideshow.


For information, here is my code

let fadeOptions = {
“duration”: 1000,
“delay”: 1000
export function image2_onmouseIn(event) {
$w(“#image30”).show(“fade”, “fadeOptions”)
export function image2_onmouseOut(event) {
$w(“#image30”).hide(“fade”, “fadeOptions”)
export function image35_onmouseIn(event) {
$w(“#image27”).show(“fade”, “fadeOptions”)
export function image35_onmouseOut(event) {
$w(“#image27”).hide(“fade”, “fadeOptions”)