mouseOut wont work on container box?


I have a button named “megamenu” which i want to show container box “box1” on mouse in event. This part works fine however when i mouseout of the box, the box stays in view until page reload. CAn’t understand why my code below isn’t working. Help please

export function megamenu_mouseIn(event) {

export function box1_mouseOut(event) {

Check the property panel and make sure the box1_mouseOut is turned on there.

Hi, thanks for that but it is checked and still not working…

in your code you have: box1_mouseOut while in the property panel it’s box1_mouseOut _1 They must be the same in both places.

wix is frustrating on this, everytime you do this it ads “_1”, you must make sure when you click the property panel you remove it each time. Sometime it also adds to the page code, a new part for what it should do on mouse out, even though its specified elsewhere…

This is one of the reason I prefer to use $w(“#element”).onMouaseOut() instead of the export function element_MouseOut() . it’s less error-prone.

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@jonatandor35 Thanks J.D. You saved me!

Can someone please help me?

I have a vector image ‘info’ that i would like to add to my page. I have added it with a box named #screeninfo for the mouse in & mouse out code but cant get it to work
Please see below my code, am i doing something wrong?

Just commented on your own post with the answer.

You are missing the () at the end of the show and hide